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Laboratory glassware

Adrian Sistem Glassware manufactures and markets laboratory glassware manufactured by using the burner and blowing technology of thermoresistant glass tubes. The company's professional experience is great, since some of the company’s staff worked before 1992 in a state-owned factory producing similar product groups.

The raw material for making laboratory glassware is borosilicate 3.3 thermoresistant glass, the composition and properties of which are defined by the ISO 3585 standard. Due to its high chemical stability, low expansion coefficient and thermal shock resistance, this glass is the ideal material for the manufacture of glassware Laboratory.

The company's specialists are always receptive to customer requests as well as to technical novelties in the field of glassware produced using this technology.

We only use borosilicate glass tubes are produced in the world's most famous companies, Kavalier Glass (Simax) and Schott (Duran).

Range of products

Here are some of the products that our company produces according to the German standard DIN specifications:

Laboratory glassware of general use

  • Beakers
  • Round and flat bottom balloons (with or without SJ)
  • Erlenmeyer flasks (with or without SJ)
  • Weighing bottles
  • Separating funnels
  • Condensers and distillation columns
  • Crucibles and filter funnels
Volumetric laboratory glassware

  • Volumetric flasks
  • Burettes and Microburette
  • Graduated Cylinders

Laboratory apparatus (including scientific glassware)

  • Extraction apparatuses
  • Apparatuses for various physico-chemical determinations
  • Distillation apparatuses
  • Gas analyzing apparatuses
Laboratory glassware with ground joints (SJ)

  • 1,2,3-neck flasks
  • Kjeldahl flasks
  • Dropping funnels with or without pressure equalization
  • Adapters, elbows and distillation heads, distillation columns
  • Laboratory equipment with Rodaviss® joints

Laboratory Glassware (2019)

This catalog provides an overview of our products and services in the field of laboratory glassware. Here you can find simple products according to international ISO and DIN standards, as well as apparatus for specific industries according to Romanian and international standards and methods.

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Custom Laboratory Glassware

Our extensive experience and the ability to complete complex and short-range laboratory equipment gives you the advantage of working on your design and specifications. Send us your drawing and one of Adrian Sistem Glassware team members will send you the specific offer. Use the form below: Success text: Thank you for your request. You will be contacted by one of Adrian Sistem's team members.

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Maintenance and Service

Adrian Sistem Glassware provides maintenance and service for the products purchased from the complex laboratory glassware range.



If a complex piece is broken and it is not economical to completely rework it, it can be presented to us (for starters with pictures) for a diagnosis. We will study it and send you an answer if it can be repaired in correct economic terms, and then you will send us your consent for the repair.


Adrian Sistem Glassware offers maintenance services such as cleaning of very dirty appliances, replacing broken parts, replacing heating resistors or electrodes in installations or appliances that are used on a permanent basis.



We are also the exclusive distributors of: Normag AG (Germany), Simax Industrial (Czech Republic), Kavalierglass (borosilicate tubes) (Czech Republic). We are also authorized distributors for laboratory glassware and equipment: DWK Life Sciences (former DURAN - Germany), Simax (Czech Republic).