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Borosilicate Decorative Glassware

25 Aug, 2017 in ,

What we manufacture is glassware out of borosilicate tubing. We handcraft either laboratory or decorative glassware from tubing. It is a noble craft. It is a hard craft. However, it is not without its challenges or without its rewards.

Borosilicate-Glassware-Manufacturing-Gabriela-Seres.jpg Figure 1: Glassworking in Adrian Sistem workshop

In general, borosilicate glassware manufacturing that takes place in Europe is very high quality and very specialized. Companies manufacture either simple or complex laboratory glassware, simple decorative glassware, chandelier arms or highly complex decorative glassware like candelabra. Of course, there are the artists that give life to different shapes and sizes who are real sculptors in glass. These make figurines, big sized sculptures, pipes and other magnificent stuff.

Simone-Crestani-Italian-Glassware-Artist.jpg Figure 2: Simone Crestani - glass artist

Outside of Europe we can find the glass masters of the US. These guys also produce impressive artworks. Most of the American Glassware community manufactures pipes and laboratory glassware. However, they can make some exquisite lighting sculptures as you can see below by Nikolas Weinstien:

Nikolas-Weinstein-Glass.png Figure 3: Nikolas Weinstein glass creation

In the world of cheap borosilicate glassware there are 2 competing countries and these are India and China. Here a lot of companies have outsourced their production and realizing easier to make and higher number of products like double walled glasses or simple teapots.

Chinese-Glassware.png Figure 4: Chinese Borosilicate Teapot

As you can see there are quite a number of types of borosilicate glassware that is made all across the world. However not all borosilicate glassware was created equal. The one that is made using cheaper Chinese tubing is of a lesser quality, while the one worked from the Czech or the German varieties are far superior. Laboratory glassware, though, cannot be a victim of compromise as it is the quality that primes here. Using the best German glass should come as no surprise for serious European companies that wish to have a good reputation and help important customers from across the world. This is exactly what choice our company has made in choosing German or Czech borosilicate glass.

Never straying from this recipe, our company has come to work with important companies, stores, luxury shop chains, artists, architects, interior designers, research companies and Universities across the world.