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Adrian Sistem Glassware

Adrian Sistem SRL was founded in 1992 as a production company for laboratory and decorative glassware, using the burner blowing technology of borosilicate glass tubes (defined by ISO 3585). The products offered by the company are of a high technical and quality level. Presently, more than 1,500 laboratory glassware assortments are being made, which find use in a variety of fields: research, education, industry, agriculture, health, etc.

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Adrian Sistem Glassware is ISO 9001 and OHSAS 18001, certified and renewed every year.

Over 1500 assortments of laboratory glassware and some other hundereds of decorative glassware items.

We can manufacture laboratory or decorative glassware according to your specific designs.FF


Laboratory Glassware

Our company produces laboratory glassware from borosilicate tubes imported from Germany (SCHOTT) or The Czech Republic (KAVALIERGLASS).

The experience of our glassblowers exceeds the company's 25 years, as they have been working in this field for more than 35 years.

The company's experience in the production of medium and large complexity glassware is the most important in Romania, which is made available to domestic and foreign companies.

Our experience and the quality of our work allowed us to cooperate with the most important European laboratories of special laboratory and glassware custom equipment from countries like Germany, Italy, France, Sweden and Austria.


Decorative Glassware

Adrian Sistem Glassware has been producing decorative and functional glassware from the beginning, using the same blowing technology for borosilicate tubes. This branch of production requires special talent and great artistic sense that our glassmakers have, along with the precision developed by working with laboratory glassware.

The talent, fantasy and international recognition of fabulous hand-made borosilicate glass designs has started the international brand Gabriela Seres. Of course, Adrian Sistem Glassware also produces decorative glassware to order according to customer specifications and designs. Flasks, decanters, stem glasses, simple glasses, candelabra, candleholders, vases etc can be manufactured according to the customer’s schemes and drawings.

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Borosilicate Decorative Glassware
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We are also the exclusive distributors of: Normag AG (Germany), Simax Industrial (Czech Republic), Kavalierglass (borosilicate tubes) (Czech Republic). We are also authorized distributors for laboratory glassware and equipment: DWK Life Sciences (former DURAN - Germany), Simax (Czech Republic).


Gabriela Seres is the luxury decorative glassware brand launched by Adrian Sistem Glassware in 2010 at the Maison et Objet International Fair in Paris. The brand range includes the following types of products - candlesticks, chandeliers, vases, fruit stands, cake stands, chandeliers, lighting fixtures and table lamps.

 All products are designed by Gabriela Seres and worked to perfection by master glassblowers. Inspiration taken from nature, music and art each year gives birth to collections that are present in stores around the world.

Unique pieces, limited edition, created to meet the wishes of beauty and fine art. Inspired from the past, but also the contemporary Gabriela Seres's they translate over time.

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